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Our Goals

The Center for the Study and Preservation of the Majority Text (CSPMT) has been formed with the following goals:

  • Offering Christian scholars and researchers a non-profit organization where Byzantine New Testament manuscripts may be studied and preserved for future generations.
  • To increase public awareness for the need to preserve all extant New Testament manuscripts.
  • Providing interested scholars a website where all major printed editions of the Majority/Traditional text as well as other supplementary resource materials may be found.
  • To include an online image gallery where sample images of various manuscripts of the Byzantine Text of the New Testament may be viewed.
  • Online collations and scholarly textual resources for increasing awareness of the Byzantine New Testament manuscript tradition.
  • Giving individuals, churches and interested parties a tax-free organization in which to donate in order to support and further the study of New Testament manuscripts.
  • Providing an international Christian scholarly organization which holds to the Holy, inspired Word of God being preserved within the majority of manuscripts and Traditional text editions of the New Testament.